Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This is @#$%ing awesome!

OK Go are known for their videos, but this thing is genius. One take (or so it seems, with what are probably 2 or 3 perfectly hidden edits). Supremely fabulous. 95% Warnickian. What a delight.

NSFW, but it looks like fun.

I project this movie will be like cilantro: loved or hated. It also could be that the best of this movie is in the trailer, in which case, oh well, too bad. However, if this trailer is just a preview, it should be awesome (but stupid) fun. It also stars Natalie Portman, who in this trailer appears to be about to go swimming wearing a - oh, just watch it. The trailer is rated R for references to just about everything and combinations of the F, S, V, Q and P words, so listen in a discreet locale.